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Nemesis Extinction Factor



When people ask "Who or what do you sound like?" it's really hard to come up with a quick answer.It is also probably the most hated question a musician gets,unless you play in a cover band or a band that lacks some sort of original spark.
Everyone in the band has had a wide variety of musical influences in the 20 plus years each of listening to music;
Slayer,Bob Marley,Suicidal Tendencies,the Beatles,Run DMC,Strapping Young Lad,Louis Armstrong,Slipknot,311,Kiss,Nothingface,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Led Zeppelin,Morbid Angel,Duran Duran,NWA,Tom Waits,the Police,Snot,Sepultura...........
You name it.It's all been listened to,absorbed,felt and loved or hated at one point in our lives.
When it comes to writing music I think we are inspired by each other in the band.Most of our music has just fell into place,nothing seems to be forced.And if it is,it's usually tossed.
Lyrically just about everything will rear it's ugly head.
Love,hatred,joy,deception,despair,confusion,violence,happiness,nothing,'s all there.And if it's not it will be one day.
But in the end we are four guys from Victoria,British Columbia,Canada who like to play our own brand of heavy,aggressive,in your face music that I think speaks for itself....................check it out.

Nemesis Extinction Factor